Marching Chiefs Need Respect

I’d like to take this time to just rant. This is what tumblr is for, right? ;P My boyfriend plays Bass Trombone in the Marching Chiefs at FSU and besides that I just really enjoy marching bands and real feats of musicianship like that in general. Chiefs practice 2 hours every week day, have an early morning rehearsal on home game days with a showcase 2 hours before the game and then a 4 hour performance after that. Not to mention sectionals before and/or after.

And just in case some don’t really know what they do, they have to hold instruments straight in front of them while doing multiple different types of steps in time and make it to different places at the exact right moment as well as play their parts perfectly with good articulation and dynamics (which by the way, the musical things by themselves are hard in and of themselves without running around a field). All this to say, they work REALLY hard. Probably just as hard as the football team that they’re supporting and they don’t get any special perks or money or glory really.If you’re still not convinced it’s anything special, go ask a marching band member to teach you how to march with their own instrument and then you’ll find out. (And chances are they’ll only teach you the basics and not even a whole drill)

And it just KILLS me that people at games just literally don’t pay attention to them at all. I SUFFERED through a half time today trying to record the show while the people around me took the time to complain about how the band doesn’t play anything they know and doesn’t entertain them.

The theme this week was Henry Mancini, one of the greatest movie composers in history and wrote more than his fair share of famous themes that they would recognize, but because they’re not very knowledgeable they stopped listening before they heard the names of the tunes.

THEN, the entire stadium echoed their sentiment by doing the wave over and over again for about half the show. INCLUDING when they did a tribute to a wonderful educator who had sadly passed away earlier this year.

I’m honestly not sure which angered me more - the fact that people couldn’t think about something other than themselves for long enough to respect the dead or the fact that this kind of crap happens EVERY GAME for these amazing performers.

There’s honestly no excuse for any of this behavior. This is a performance that has been specifically made to put before you as the audience and has been meticulously worked on. And you’re complaining because they’re not playing songs that are dumbed down musically so that you can comprehend it.

Sorry to be so cruel about everything, but it seriously just makes me so angry. People stand the entire game for athletes, but can’t bear to stand another 10 minutes for people that are putting on a show made for them.

If you don’t care for it, at least don’t be rude enough to do the wave or other loud things that detract from the people who are trying to appreciate the amazing things going down on the field. The things people were saying were recorded on my video and now immortalized. What a horrible thing to remember from an actually great performance.

Thank you for your time tumblr, the one thing to take from this - appreciate your band members. They deserve it more than you could ever imagine.